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  • Our philosophy

    An investment philosophy that is built on sound investing principles of legendary investors such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch & George Soros. A value oriented investment approach...

  • Our commitment to results

    Our first and foremost commitment is preservation of principal while bringing highest possible risk adjusted returns. We look for investments that are available at a discount to their true intrinsic value...

  • Our experience

    Although majority of our investing takes place within the US, our global investing perspective provides a unique recipe for success; finding bargains around the world by leveraging our global experience...

  • Check out latest articles

    We routinely bring investing ideas for our investors to enhance their investing acumen and understanding of markets. This commentary is on variety of subjects and is very enlightening, please check it out...

Invest in Superior Performance:

Netwall is a Chicago based money management firm. We have lower capital requirements for investors and a competitive fee structure. Please see our performance as compared to S&P 500 since inception (2007). 

NETWALL Investments LLC achieves superior performance via investing in great businesses that are available at a discount and are run by best-in-class managers. We have formulated a philosophy that is closely aligned with investing tenets of some of the legendary investors such as Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. 

There are three major tenets in investing as described by Warren Buffett:

-->   Invest in businesses that are available at some discount to the true intrinsic value (margin of safety)

-->   Invest in businesses that have some definite competitive advantage (economic moat)

-->   Invest in companies whose people you respect and admire